We are specialists in "turn-key" projects and operating energy assets with a high technological component such as solar-thermal (CSP) plants, transmission lines, cogeneration plants.

Solar electricity:

  • We promote, design, construct and operate electricity generation plants that use the sun by means of concentrating solar power (CSP) and photovoltaic technology.

Power transmission:

  • We are international leaders in constructing power transmission lines.


  • We design, construct and operate cogeneration plants that use thermal energy and electricity, optimising their efficiency.

Other activities:

  • We carry out turn-key projects for conventional generation plants, such as combined cycle plants or for upgrading plants. We also construct electrical and mechanical installations and control systems in the fields of energy, transport and industry.
  • We develop new technologies related to hydrogen, oceanic energy or energy efficiency.
  • Abener Energía, S.A., a company belonging to Abengoa with over 20 years of history, develops engineering and construction pioneering projects in the energy sector around the world.

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