Significant shareholdings

The share capital of Abengoa, S.A. is thirty five million eighty hundred sixty five thousand eight hundred and sixty two euros with seventeen euro cents (35,865,862.17€) represented by eighteen thousand eight hundred and thirty six million nine hundred and nineteen thousand three hundred (18,836,119,300) shares, fully subscribed and paid up, belonging to two different share classes:

  • One thousand six hundred and twenty one million one hundred forty three thousand three hundred and forty nine (1,621,143,349) Class A shares with two euro cents (0.02) par value each, belonging to the same class and series, which confer one hundred (100) votes each and are the Company’s Class A shares (“Class A shares”).
  • seventeen thousand two hundred and fourteen million nine hundred and seventy five thousand nine hundred and fifty one (17,214,975,951) Class B shares with a par value of two tenthousandths euro cents (0.0002) each, belonging to the same class and series, which confer one (1) vote each and are shares with the privileged financial rights specified in Article 8 of these bylaws (“Class B shares” and together with the Class A shares comprise the “Voting Shares”). The shares shall be represented by book entries and shall be governed by the Stock Market Act and other applicable provisions.

The Class A Shares and Class B Shares are admitted for official trading on the Madrid and Barcelona Stock Exchanges, as well as the Spanish Stock Exchange Interconnection System (Continuous Market) .The Class A Shares are admitted for official trading from November, 29,1996. The Class B Shares are admitted for official trading from October, 25, 2012.

Abengoa's Share capital
Date of last modificationShare capital (Eur)Number of shares
16-01-201835,865,862.171,621,143,349 acciones clase A y 17,214,975,951 acciones clase B

All the percentages listed below (unless otherwise expressly indicated) are concerned to the total of rights of vote.

According to the information received by the Company (List of Shareholders on the date of the last General Meeting of Shareholders released by Iberclear and notice of significant shareholding), current significant shareholdings are as follows:

Stockholders' significant shareholdings
Stockholders' significant shareholdings
Shareholder% share capital
Sindicatura de accionistas minoritarios de Abengoa S.A.21,401%
Secretaría de Estado de Comercio - Ministerio de Economía Industria y Competitividad3,152%

According to the register of significant shareholdings maintained by the Company in compliance with the Internal Regulations of Conduct for matters related to Securities Exchange, the percentage of ownership of share capital by company directors up to now is as follows:

Officers' significant shareholdings
Officers' significant shareholdings
MembersNumber of direct Class A sharesNumber of indirect Class A sharesNumber of direct Class B sharesNumber of indirect Class B shares% of total rights of vote
D. Clemente Fernández González008,960,0001,000,0000.0056
D. Jose Alfonso Murat Moreno00000.0000
D. José Joaquín Martínez Sieso00000.0000

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